If you are selling locally produced foods, the ‘Local Food Map’ can help you reach out to local people. If you live locally, you can use it to find a range of foodie treats and wholesome produce right here in our area.

    By supporting local farmers and food producers - we support our own food security.

    COVID-19 has significantly affected our food supplies and how we shop. Things are a little different, but we have begun to see our community starting to come together around food, as more people recognise the importance of a robust local food system. We believe that now, more than ever, having access to a steady supply of good, local food is a key priority for our community. The empty shelves, lack of stock, lack of choice and increased prices that we all saw at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak has showed us just how fragile our supply systems actually are.

    The ‘Local Food Map’ is a new initiative that is developed in a partnership between local food and drink businesses and farmers, Aberystwyth University, and Caerphilly Council’s ‘Cwm a Mynydd’ rural development programme (RDP).

    Now is the perfect time to explore what’s right on our doorstep helping create a resilient, fair and secure food supply chain. People are now giving more thought about food and showing a preference for local, fresh and home-grown food. This has benefits on our health and wellbeing, our local economy, our environment and our Welsh culture.